Shoot Directly to SmugMug

With Giraffe Upload any tattered shooting solution can now shoot directly to SmugMug with just two steps:

  1. Set your tattering software to save photos to a folder Giraffe Upload is monitoring
    To change the folders Giraffe Upload is monitoring just double click the Giraffe Upload icon on the system tray and click the “Configure Upload” button or the gear icon.
  2. Set Giraffe Upload to upload photos immediately
    This is only available in the Pro subscription level, in the configuration window scroll all the way down and set “Upload Schedule” to “As soon as photos are saved”

But wait, there’s more

While you’re in the configuration window you can also set “Show in window” to “Last image” and “Show link to image” to “Small” (or any other size).

Now, when you shoot Giraffe Upload will automatically and immediately upload the image and show it in the Giraffe Upload window with a link to a low res (and optionally watermarked) version of the photo your customer can grab with a smartphone and immediately show friends or post to facebook.

Notes: The link is smartphone friendly, it's short, contains only letters and is case insensitive. To watermark photos set up watermarking in your SmugMug account (requires SmugMug Pro).

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Giraffe Upload fully supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003-2008

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