You download photos from your camera into a folder on your computer

You can set Giraffe Upload to monitor any folder or any number of folders on your computer

Giraffe Upload does it's magic - automatically and in the background

Giraffe Upload does all the complicated work to upload your photos quickly without slowing down your computer

Your photos appear on SmugMug

You don't have to babysit uploads to make sure they don't fail - photos just appear on SmugMug as quickly as your internet connection allowes, it feels like magic

What can Giraffe Upload do for you?

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Never worry about photo backup again

Save time, sell more prints

  • Backup your memories - Giraffe Upload's mission is to keep your irreplacable pictures safe even when something happens to your computer.
  • Fully Automatic - Giraffe Upload monitors your picture folder(s) and upload all your photos to SmugMug, automatically and in the background.
  • Truly Set-and-Forget – If there’s any problem we will e-mail you.
  • Does not slow down your computer - Uses a smart scheduling and throteling system to upload the photos quickly while conserving bandwidth and not interefering with your web surfing.
  • Don't waste time uploading - never again start an upload manualy, forget to upload or babysit an upload until it completes - with Giraffe Upload you copy the files to folder, take a quick coffe break and when you return your photos are already on SmugMug
  • Shoot directly to SmugMug - Add Giraffe Upload to any tethered shooting setup and you can shoot directly to SmugMug (learn more).
  • Give clients what they want, immediately - Giraffe Upload can give you - while uploading - a short link to a low res version of the photo your client can view and use on the spot (learn more).
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Giraffe Upload fully supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003-2008

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